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What is a Survey?
A typical residential property survey in its simplest form is a map or sketch of the property lines and the home’s placement on the property.  It will include important physical features such as the driveway, shed location, fences, and other buildings that lie within the properties boundaries.  Additionally, any public and private easements that are shown on the recorded plat will be shown and labeled accordingly on your survey.

Why Get a Survey?
Wondering whether a survey is really necessary is an age-old question.  Often, buyers weigh the value of a new survey against its cost and decide to use an existing older survey or even no survey at all.  Most often, they make this decision with little knowledge of what a survey is and what it reveals about one of the largest purchases they will ever make - their new home.

Surveys are done in order to produce a reliable, current description of the property in question.  Buying a new home can be a fun and exciting process. There are many important steps that you will have to take before someone hands you the keys to your new dream home, some of which are considered optional but no less important. Let us explain why it is a good idea to get a survey of your future property even though the banks do not always require them.

Why Are Surveys Important?
There are many reasons why all buyers should get a survey of their property prior to closing on the home even if it is not required by the bank. Here are a few of the most important reasons:

Ensures Home Marketability – If the home is new construction and the previous surveys were done for a plot of land, it is important to know exactly where your home sits on the lot. It is possible that a mistake was made during the building process, which placed the home in a wrong location such as into the neighbor’s yard or within areas prohibited by building setbacks. This would create serious issues with obtaining a title, and prevent the home from being sellable unless it was picked up and moved within the legal boundaries of the intended property or until additional land or easements were purchased.

Encroachments – Has the neighbor built a fence that encroaches on the property you own or want to buy? A survey will show you if anyone has pushed beyond their boundaries and into your yard.

Building Restrictions – If you have found a home that you plan to add on to later with a large deck or extra room, a survey will tell you where the building restrictions are on the site. Side and rear setbacks may prevent you from being able to build exactly where you prefer. Additionally, any access or utility easements could prevent you from being able to build a fence or shed in certain areas of your property.

Residential surveys include flagged property corners as part of the survey.  Flags can be really helpful in determining where your property ends and if a neighbor’s fence or flowerbed extends onto your land. If you plan on having a fence installed, the fencing company will require for you to have a survey and stakes completed, so that they know they are placing a fence in the correct location. It is important to understand that the property stakes will generally be long metal bars that are driven deep into the ground with pin flags placed near them. Many people confuse the pin flags for the property markers.

Your survey gives you a form of protection in addition to clarifying what you've bought, since it will reveal any encroachments or other irregularities that might be the cause of later legal disputes.  This will help to protect your investment and educate you on the boundaries that are associated with your property.

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